• Megan

February 3, 2018

Test Results

Yesterday morning (Friday) Dottie’s x-ray showed that the contrast done earlier this week had cleared. At 2:00 she went in for another contrast starting in the stomach through the g-tube. The contrast showed that things are moving as they should. There is no sign of a leak or any blockage!! This is wonderful news- Praise God. The drain that was in place to watch for leakage is now gone, one less thing to watch for when moving her around. The doctors have allowed for Dottie to have 1ml of Breast milk every three hours, though this is practically nothing it’s very exciting. 

It will still be a slow process figuring out what her system can handle. She has a feeding tube that has been acting as a drain because things don’t always go through but often back up into her stomach. As we watch this drain we want to see less drainage and for the color to no longer be green but clear/very light yellow. The doctors have told us this process may take awhile, the color going back and forth and the amount going higher and lower. During this time they will be working on her taking some milk by mouth and may also do some "food" through the feeding tube. We have no idea how much or how frequently she may be allowed to receive food.

We also have not talked with the surgeons and we don't know their idea for a timeline on her intestines being fully healed. We did see our GI doctor for a moment the other day and she continues to monitor how Dottie is doing and will be ready when the time comes to work with us. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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