• Megan

February 7, 2018

A Little Milk

Our dearest Dottie is looking good. When she's awake her eyes are wide open and she looks around with curiosity. We love watching her as she looks about. It is clear that she is trying to figure things out. She has also been gaining weight, just shy of 10 pounds today!

After Dottie's small intestines were cleared from having a leak or a block she was allowed 1 ml of milk every 3 hours. This was quickly changed to 2 ml of milk every three hours. With the g-tube (feeding tube) acting as a drain out of her stomach the milk was not having a chance to move through her system. The surgeons decided to have the drain closed for one hour after she got her milk, trying to give it time to move beyond the stomach. The next move was to clamp the drain for two hours after receiving milk. Today, the change is that the drain is clamped for four hours every six. This means it is clamped over two feedings before being opened. The hope is that she will begin to poop (she has not in many days) showing that things are moving through as they should. We know this may be a slow process. She sometimes spits up green gastric fluid and when the drain is opened up a lot of fluid comes out right away. The surgeons and doctors are not surprised or concerned by this knowing that the process can take awhile. 

We continue to be hopeful about Dottie's progress. We understand it may be slow and steps forward may be followed by steps backward. We have amazing people taking care of Dottie and we couldn't be surrounded by anyone better. Thank you for your continued prayers. Please continue to pray for her bowels and that they would function properly. We ask that she wouldn't be spitting up or having stomach pain and that she would poop. 

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