• Megan

January 27, 2018


The one thing I never imagined during 41 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy was that I would be celebrating my daughter pooping. And I mean being really, truly happy, and even doing a little happy dance. Every time Dottie poops its a sign that her insides are functioning properly. Now, there's a lot more to her healing and moving forward that just a few poopy diapers but they are still a thing to be celebrated. It had been a few days since her last BM (bowel movement) and there has been concern that though her small intestine might be healing it may have healed and closed off. The BM does not mean for sure that this hasn't happened but it is a very good sign that it hasn't. On Monday Dottie will have a contrast done and die will be tracked through her system to see what's happening inside. At this time there are three main possibilities: 1. there is some kind of leak in the small intestine, 2. there is no leak but there is a blockage, 3. there is no leak and no blockage- things are moving as they should be. The best of these is number 3 of course, but number 2 would be the next best. After a longer time for recovery the surgeons could go in to fix a blockage as long as the intestinal tissue is completely healed and strong. 

As you pray please pray for unblocked healing of Dottie's small intestine, that the contrast goes well and shows what is truly happening inside her, and for the doctors and surgeons to make the best possible choices moving forward with her care. 

We continue to treasure our time with Dottie each day. Seth has begun playing guitar for her (and the other babies in our pod) and we have already read her The Wizard of Oz and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. We are currently reading Prince Caspian and though we may enjoy the stories more that Dot she is beginning to recognize our voices, faces and when we are holding her. 

Thank you all so much for your continued support. We are thankful for the Ronald McDonald house where we have a comfortable place to stay each night. So many people have come to Portland to bring us treats, gifts, words of encouragement, or take us out for a meal. These all bring us different types of refreshment and rest and help keep us healthy. 

God is good. He has given us such a huge support group and made sure we were back here to be taken care of by you all. Check back next week to hear about the contrast. 

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