• Megan

January 7, 2018

The first 24 hours

Journal entry by Megan Halligan — Jan 7, 2018

After Dottie was born she was wonderful. Seth got to hold her for about 20 minutes before they could join me in the recovery room. She soon joined me and I was holding her tight. A beautiful baby, looking good in every way we could tell. We moved to our longer term recovery room, settled in and all got some sleep. 

Sometime in the early morning the nurse was concerned with Dottie's breathing rate and temperature so she was taken down to the NICU to be checked out and observed. She was away from us for several hours. She was brought back late morning and we got to hold her and love her. As the day moved on she was not keeping a warm enough temperature. First, we tried skin contact with me and then she was put under a heat light. She returned in time for a few visitors in the afternoon. 

Our nurse continued to be concerned with Dottie's coloring, temperature, and breathing. After talking with another nurse about her concerns a NICU doctor was called to take a look. (We praise God for her attention and push for a second look). She was taken back to the NICU once again but with a little more concern this time. Seth joined her in the NICU and I took a short rest. Once I joined Seth and Dottie in the NICU she had already had some exams performed as well as x-rays and was going to have an ultrasound. The timing is all fuzzy now but we know these pictures were not showing a clear picture of what was happening inside Dottie. The doctor contacted Doernbecher children's hospital and the surgeons there took a look at Dottie's images. 

These surgeons didn't know for sure what was wrong but if it was as they suspected Dottie needed immediate attention and care. At this point in time things jumped into high gear. Transportation was set up and Seth packed his bag to accompany Dottie on her trip. The doctors took more pictures and ran more tests to prepare as much information as possible for the surgeons. 

About 8:30pm- 24 hours after she was born, Dottie was on her way to Doernbecher. 

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