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January 7, 2018 -one more

Surgery Number 1

Journal entry by Megan Halligan — Jan 7, 2018

As soon as Dottie got to the hospital she was taken in for surgery. The doctors had seen all the images but really needed to see what was happening inside Dottie. They new she had trouble with her bowels but didn't know exactly what the trouble was or how serious it was. 

Dottie's intestines didn't grow as they should have while she was in utero. Her small intestines got twisted and cramped cutting off the blood flow to them. Her stomach was good, 4 cm of intestine were good and the next 10 cm were taken out because they were necrotic. A baby is born with about 240cm of small intestine and the rest of her small intestine didn't look very good but there was a little hope. The doctors got her stable and wanted to give her at least 24 hours to see if any of her small intestine, now untwisted, would regain color, life, and functionality. 

The surgeon was not very hopeful but we prayed and prayed for healing. It was explained to us at this time that if all the intestines were dead, Dottie's life going forward would be extraordinarily difficult. If she survived and healed from the surgery she would no longer be able to receive nutrition in the ordinary way. Our bodies absorb nutrition from food as it travels through the small intestines. Without this organ nutrition cannot be absorbed from food coming from the stomach. We were told that Dottie would need TPN, Total Parenteral Nutrition, nutrition through the vein. This is not an easy source of nutrition. There would be the possibility of lots of complications with the TPN over a long term, infections, trouble with the liver, closing of veins for various reasons. It was time to wait...

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