• Megan

June 20, 2018

Defying Science

Today Dottie had a checkup with the GI doctor and nutritionist. It was an early morning and a long drive to Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Our appointment was right on time and both doctors joined us at the same time. They raved about Dottie. She is doing so well, healthy, happy, tolerating all the milk we've been giving her. They love her rolls because so often the patients on TPN don't have them. 

These two women raved about how well Dottie is doing. They said that based on the fact that she only has 7cm of small intestines we would not have given her much milk at all. But... as she tolerates the milk, has adequate output (if you know what I mean) and grows healthier, we give her more and more milk. She has been doing so well! Now Dottie gets 5 mls of milk an hour via her G-Tube for 20 hours a day. She also gets to drink 20 mls of Milk five times a day. She is doing great! This weekend she will get to try eating some green beans, 1 tsp a day to start. (You may have already seen the video since I'm writing this after the fact). I want to give her more than one taste a day so we split the 1 tsp up into two tastes. Each time I think she might be enjoying it more, or at least she really likes the little plastic spoon :)

Back to our appointment, the doctor kept saying how well Dottie was doing. She said that Dottie was defying science. I feel like that's the non-religious way of saying she's a miracle!!!! Thank you for your prayers, they are working.

Much love to you all.  ~Seth, Megan and Dottie

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