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Little Brother

Baby boy Halligan was due October 6. Early on in pregnancy I had a blood test and we found out he has Trisomy 21, also known as Down Syndrome. What a joy to discover that our little boy would be such an extra special person! Plus we would get to join a community of extraordinary people and their families. Having good friends with twin daughters made this an even more exciting time (https://doublingdownmom.com/home).

Baby boy Halligan needed a lot of extra attention while growing inside. I got several ultrasounds with specialists, and many stress tests in the last several weeks of pregnancy. About six weeks before birth an ultrasound showed that Baby boy might have an enlarged liver. This could pose problems upon birth and we decided to deliver at OHSU just in case he needed extra support.

Upon birth (Monday Sept. 30 @ 12:33pm) Baby boy Halligan still didn't have a name. He also had some trouble breathing and was on CPAP for about 20 minutes but rallied and was doing well. We got to go to the Mother and Baby Unit together. It took a couple of days but we finally chose a name, Theodore Seth Halligan. He was eating from a bottle, we were working on breastfeeding, he passed his hearing test and we were doing well. Very early Thursday Teddy was taken for a carseat test in preparation for us to go home. When Teddy was hooked up to the monitors for the carseat test his readings were not good. They began monitoring him and called the NICU to have someone come up and check on him. The doctor who came to see him about 5 AM ordered several tests and a move to the NICU.

October 3rd marked Teddy's first day in the NICU. On October 29th we got to go home. 27 long days with Dottie at the Ronald McDonald House, going back and forth visiting Teddy and playing with Dottie. All the Grandparents rallied and did what they could to support us.

We took Teddy home on something called the Grow at Home program. He had an NG tube and was eating some by bottle. He thrived at home and in about a week he was eating all his food by bottle and we got to take the NG tube out! On October 10th we returned to the hospital with Teddy for his surgery on the 11th. Surgery went very well but Teddy didn't respond well to the anesthesia. He had low blood pressure and needed to stay on the breathing tube awhile after surgery. He was taken back to the NICU post-op for further care. It is fairly rare for a child to go back to the NICU after leaving, but we were grateful for the familiar faces and care of Teddy.

Just three days later Teddy was moved to the pediatric floor and then discharged the next day, Friday Nov 15th. We were finally home and recovering.

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