• Megan

March 4, 2017


It’s been quite a day. Dottie needed an IV for a blood infusion (getting extra blood) and surgery tomorrow (for the Hickman line). If you have had the pleasure of visiting our girl in the last weeks you may have noticed she’s quite a mover, especially kicking a lot and moving her arms. Our nurse attempted the IV twice, in each hand, with no luck. Next a nurse from the PICC team came and tried each arm with no luck. Then another nurse (whom has taken care of Dottie quite often and we love) came over. She’s a rock star with IVs so she gave it a try. She had great success getting an IV into Dot’s head. 

Although that may all sound crazy, and your first thought might be anger or frustration about the situation, we are grateful. We are grateful for the calm demeanor of our nurses. We are grateful they have no sense of pride and are willing to seek out the more experienced or those with a special ability. We are grateful they care of our Dottie as we would if we could. They are the most amazing people and make each day wonderful.

Dottie will get the blood she needs tonight, however, she has three doses of pain meds. Please pray that she sleeps well and the meds wear off leaving her settled and well. She will be getting her Hickman line (alternative to the PICC line) tomorrow. The time is scheduled for 2:00 pm, but it started at 1:30, moved to late morning, and is now 2, so it could be any time. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers. We love you all and couldn’t get through this without you. 

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