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Monday January 15, 2018

A Thank You

Some occasions are easy, they come with happy sayings that have been pre-established over the years, like "happy birthday," "merry Christmas," or "congratulations." Other occasions aren't so easy. What do you say to someone whose child is very sick, so sick indeed that she may not live. "I'm sorry" doesn't seem strong enough and since it's not your fault may not even be appropriate. So, what should be said? 

As the parent of such a child, in just such a situation, I'm here to tell you I don't know either. Nothing said by anyone can make her better. The doctors words can't even make her better. They are waiting just like we are and will tell us how she is when they know. I think the best answer may be that it doesn't matter what you say, but that you say it. I cherish every comment on facebook about my beautiful daughter, every messenger message (even if I haven't replied to you), each card and email with heartfelt words sharing our pain and giving us encouragement. I am also grateful for your prayers. When I think about the fact that people all over the world are praying for our little Dottie I get a little teary. These prayers are precious to me. 

Thank you all so much.

Dottie continues to heal and looks better each day. Today she was taken off oxygen and we can see her face clear and beautiful for the first time in two weeks. The goal for Dot continues to be healing of her small intestine where they were sewn together. We have no real idea how long this will take. Thank you for reaching out to us in so many different ways; snacks, meals, cards, gifts, calls, words of encouragement. 

~Love Seth and Megan

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