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Monday January 8, 2018

Monday January 8

Praise be to God our Father and Savior!

We went in early this morning and got to hold our girl again. Holding her really seemed to set her at ease and give her a chance to sleep for awhile. She had been restless throughout the night. We are so glad that we had a few hours to hold Dottie again. 

Today was also a trip back to Monmouth to pick up a few items from the house. A doctors visit in Salem for me was also on the agenda. We visited our wonderful Doctor Chau at Salem Clinic and I am healing well from the c-section and doing well overall with all that's been happening. I still have several weeks before being fully recovered and have to be careful to get lots of rest and not overdue things. ~Thank you for your prayers for Seth and I during this time. 

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