• Megan

Not Quite Right

After going home on Friday November 15th we watched Teddy carefully. He was still just a few days out of surgery and we wanted to be sure he was doing alright. We knew what to look for to know if there was trouble, fever, not eating, vomiting, or very uncomfortable. On Saturday I contacted the pediatric surgery team on call at OHSU because I was concerned about the size of Teddy's stomach. It had gotten a little larger and very tight since the day before. The resident spoke with the on call Fellow and with none of the above mentioned concerns we were advised to do a gentle irrigation as we felt was needed.

I was still concerned on Monday and rather than going to OHSU called our pediatrician for an appointment. I wanted a doctor to look at Teddy. The pediatrician we saw looked over Teddy's records of surgery and checked him out. She also contacted the Pediatric Surgeons at OHSU to be sure they didn't have any further suggestions. I took Teddy home but over the next days Teddy didn't get any better.

On Wednesday I wrote an email to our surgeon describing Teddy's behavior. He still wasn't exhibiting any of the behaviors that would tell us he was sick. However, he wasn't doing well. He slept almost all the time. When awake he seemed uncomfortable unless he was eating. She called me later in the day and sent in a prescription to treat Enterocolitis. This was a possible infection that could happen after this particular surgery. Just a couple hours later Teddy spiked a high fever. Right away I called our surgeons back and they told us to come in. By the time we got to the ED at OHSU Teddy's fever had gone down to under 100. Labs were drawn and we were moved to Pediatrics.

When his lab results came back they were very concerning. The Pediatric ICU attending was called and came down to check Teddy out. He had Teddy moved to the ICU immediately. It turns out that Teddy was very very sick.

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