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Teddy Update

Some of you are familiar with what has been happening with Teddy the past several days but some are not. We came to the ED at OHSU on Wednesday Nov. 20.

In summary...

Teddy had a urinary tract infection (UTI). The infection has two kinds of bacteria. One of these bacteria got into his blood and he also had a blood infection.

By the time we got him help he had sepsis and respiratory failure. He was put on antibiotics to treat the infections, had lots of labs ordered, IV's were placed and a central line attempted but failed. He was also put on a breathing machine (intubated).

During that first night he also got a Foley Catheter placed and over 400 mL of urine were cleared out of his bladder. This greatly decreased the size of his stomach and he looked a lot better. The breathing machine also helped him begin looking better.

Since then Teddy has been slowing improving. As labs have come back and as more information about the infections was gathered the antibiotics were changed to better fight the particular bacteria growing. Teddy has remained intubated and his lungs have been closely watched. There is some "junk" there but all labs were negative for any bacteria growing. The docs are hopeful that tomorrow (Sunday) he will be extubated but we won't know until the morning when they check him out. He definitely doesn't like the breathing tube and looks uncomfortable when he's awake. Once it's out I think he will look much better.

In regards to surgery, he is doing well. He is pooping and has been getting milk via NG tube all day with no vomiting. His stomach is nice and soft and what I would say is a normal size.

They will keep the Foley catheter in until at least Monday. On Monday urology will weigh in on how he is doing. They will run a test to see if he has reflux (in the bladder) and if that might be the reason he was holding urine in and got a UTI. We will keep updating you as we know more.

Thank you for your prayers.

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