• Seth Halligan

The YouTube Life - Kind of...

Recently we decided to spend a lot of our energy updating our friends and family about Teddy and Dot on YouTube. We realized we have been updating people through various avenues and methods from Caring Bridge and email updates, to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However there hasn't been a central location where you can get a continuous update on our kids and our life. So we are attempting to consolidate our information to our YouTube channel to better tell our continuous story and to hopefully be a resource for parents dealing with similar situations. We will still be posting regularly to Instagram and Facebook however when it comes to updates we will be spending most of our time putting out content on YouTube.

Why YouTube you ask?

Great question. Well first off I have the equipment. I am a wedding videographer by trade so I am familiar with the processes to put out visual content and tell stories using this medium. Second, YouTube has become the home of how-to videos and life-style videos. Although it is the same medium as my wedding films, it is a totally different method. Good, useful, content is king over stunning visuals. As we move forward we try and remember what has helped us along the way to make our life a little less crazy. When we first received Dottie's diagnosis I found myself overwhelmed with what our daily life would look like in the future. There are so many things I wish I knew early on in the process. Our YouTube channel aims at answering many of those questions. We will also use YouTube to update our current medical statuses, but above all we want to share what tools we have used and what we are learning to use along the way.

Our goal is to enable those in similar circumstances to live life to the fullest. Come along with us on our journey. Thanks to for everyone love, support and prayers. You have helped us get this far. I can't wait to see what's next in this adventure we call life.

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