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Wednesday January 10, 2018

Surgery Number 3

Today was quite a day, nothing seemed to go as planned, but everything turned out alright. We thought a NICU PICC nurse would be trying to get a PICC line in, surgery was scheduled for 12:00, and we had an informative meeting planned for 2:30. As noon approached we hadn't heard from surgery and no one new for sure if Dottie would be going into surgery or not. It was nearly one o'clock when the call came in that it was time for Dottie to be prepped for surgery. Thankfully we both got to hold her awhile this morning before surgery since we won't be able to hold her for a day or two after. 

After Dottie left for surgery we heard that the GI (gastroenterology) team was called to an emergency and our doctors were also being called away for a delivery. Suddenly all the people who were going to attend our meeting were busy. We had a whole room of people who came from Monmouth, Portland, and Washington but no meeting for them to attend. We were able to catch up with each other, laugh a little, and pray for Dottie. Even though things didn't go as planned it was good to have everyone together.

Surgery: the concern and need for surgery was that Dottie's stomach has been swelling up over the last couple of days and she has been showing some sensitivity when it's been touched. The surgeon found a hole where the intestines had been sewn together causing fluid to leak into her abdomen. They added a few stitches as well as a drain. The drain was added so that if there is another leak the fluid will come out rather than fill up her stomach. It is very important for the intestines to heal together fully and this is our current prayer. They also inserted a new line in Dottie's neck, this line will replace the umbilical line that has been used for her TPN. It is not a more permanent line that she could go home with (she will still need a picc line) but it will work while she is still in the hospital. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We may not be the best at staying in touch during this time but please know we are thankful for each of you and every prayer lifted up to our God. 

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