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Wednesday January 17, 2018

Wednesday January 17, 2018

We are so very happy to share that yesterday Dorothy got a PICC line in! This is exciting news because the central line she had previously was in her neck and not as stable as a PICC line. Her new line is now providing her TPN (nutrition). This is a really big step for her because this is a very stable line running through her right leg to the bottom of her heart. When the time comes for us to take her home (we have no idea how long this might be) she can go home with this line. 

Today they took her completely off of morphine and so she is adjusting to that. Your prayers for the next few days would be appreciated. It may sound strange but she will be suffering from withdrawals over the next three days after having the drugs for so long. 

She has been wide awake throughout the day today, looking around and sucking on her pacifier. This evening she's a little unsettled but snuggling comfortably with dad. 

Much love from Seth, Megan and Dottie

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