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Turns out I'm not very good at keeping a blog updated!! Here we are, five months since my last post and update on Dottie. Back in June we (Seth, Dottie and I) attended a conference in Chicago. Hopefully I will get a post out about that conference at some point. The Oley Conference is an annual conference put on by the Oley Foundation.

"The Oley Foundation is a national, independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that strives to enrich the lives of those living with home intravenous nutrition (parenteral) and tube feeding (enteral) through education, advocacy, and networking. The Foundation also serves as a resource for consumer’s families, clinicians and industry representatives, and other interested parties." (https://oley.org/page/AboutOley2)

We learned a lot at this conference and met some wonderful people. Shortly after this conference Dottie developed a renewed desire to eat. We had been concerned for awhile that maybe she couldn't eat well and that's why she wasn't interested. By the time we went to our first appointment Dottie was very interested in food and had begun to want to eat. The first few visits over two months provided some tips but soon we were wondering if therapy was needed. The therapist was on the same page and we quickly cancelled our future appointments. As of now Dottie is allowed to eat up to 25 tsp of food and drink about 140 mL of Pedialyte or water each day. She loves curry, hummus, peas, spaghetti and squash. She tends to reread the pages of books that have food on them, I'm not sure if this is a common toddler thing or a weird obsession because of her special situation.

Her language has taken off and she talks all the time. She is often repeating what we say and we hear her use some of the funniest lines she picks up from Grandma and Nana. She is particular about what music we listen to, what we play with, and who stays and goes. She loves to laugh, run, jump, be thrown in the air, jump on dad, and go to dance class. She also loves to snuggle up in a comfy blanket and read books, these might be some of my favorite times.

We are thankful for her health these past months. She has not had any medical troubles since April. Dottie's TPN has also decreased in time down to 13 hours a day. She still has her G-tube which runs 20 hours a day.

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